Ian Nicholson from Beaulieu Wills and Estate Planning brings us the latest instalment of his series of blogs about estate planning …

After a month off to recover from my skydiving efforts (many thanks to all of you who kindly sponsored me), I’m back now with the family at the dinner table, and they are discussing all things death (between the main course and dessert).

Mum and Dad have just been telling their juniors that they’ve finally got round to making their Wills. The kids being kids, laugh and tell them they’re way too young to do that.

“You’ll thank me when I’m gone” says Mum, and I’m sure we’ve all had our Mum’s say that to us at some time. The kids still don’t get it, so she takes a deep breath and explains exactly why she, and Dad have done them now, and why they feel so much happier now that they have:

  1. As the two kids are both well under 18 years of age, the Will has allowed Mum and Dad to name specific Guardians to look after them if the worst happens and they are left orphans. They’ve named Mum’s brother, who already has two children of a similar age. A Life Assurance policy has also been set up to help him adapt his house to cater for the larger family. NOTE: If they don’t do this, the kids would unfortunately be put into the care system.
  2. They’ve appointed Dad’s brother, and a trusted professional company to apply for “Probate” and ultimately sort all their wishes out (these are the Executors). They will also look after all the savings, property etc. on the kids’ behalf until they reach the ages of 18. NOTE: They could have made that age later if they’d wanted to.
  3. It sounds morbid, macabre even, but they’ve detailed (and paid for) their Funeral wishes. This even includes what they want to wear, songs to be played at the service, and what they’d like said about them. They add that the last thing they want the kids to have to do at a time like that is Googling Funeral Directors or someone to take the service!
  4. They’ve put down exactly what each child will get in terms of items of Jewellery, and personal items etc. They know full well their children would never agree! It is written; therefore, it shall be done!
  5. Grandad was looked after at a local Hospice, so they have made sure a cash amount has been left to them. And Spot, the dog is even mentioned. Mum’s sister will look after him if necessary.
  6. Most importantly they have confirmed that if or when they both die, the bulk of their estate is left equally to the two kids.
  7. Lastly, they have done a separate “Letter of Wishes” each, which explains in simple terms exactly what they want, where everything is kept (Life Assurance Policies, Pension Documents, Savings etc.).

“What we want more than anything kids, is that if we were to die suddenly, you know exactly where everything is and what we want to happen. You’ll have enough to worry about believe me”.

Now of course there are many other reasons to do a Will, but I’d say that last sentence summarizes it perfectly. When someone we love dies, it’s awful. Yes, we can be glib about it before it happens, but the truth is you’ll be in absolute bits.

A Will is a simple, straight forward, incredibly effective, and legal way of making sure your loved ones have one of two things less to worry about upon your death.

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Until next month you lovely bunch, please stay safe. And remember, don’t wait protect your Estate!