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Beaulieu Wills and Estate Planning are partnered with Laurelo Ltd who are committed to a personal service making the probate process as straightforward as possible.

What is Probate & why do I need it?

Probate occurs after someone has passed away and is the process of proving that the deceased person’s Will is valid. It is then giving the deceased’s Personal Representatives the right to deal with their assets and estate.

How does Probate work?

Probate works slightly differently depending on whether the deceased person has left a Will or not. The process is different, but the end result is the same – the executors (where there is a Will) or administrators (where there is no Will) are given the authority to deal with the estate.

Probate of a Will

If the deceased person left a Will, they will have named one or more people in the Will to act as their executors. The executors will need to apply to the Probate Registry for a Grant of Probate (unless the estate does not require a grant to be administered). The Grant of Probate is a legal document which will enable the executors to deal with the assets and estate. This can then be used to demonstrate that they have authority to collect the deceased person’s property, money and possessions and distribute them as laid out in the Will.

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Probate where there is no Will

If the deceased person did not leave a Will or for some reason it is invalid, the law of Intestacy sets out how the Probate process works and who is entitled to administer the deceased person’s estate. The individuals entitled to administer the deceased person’s estate where there is no Will are called Administrators. The Administrators can apply to the probate Registry for a Grant of Representation (usually a Grant of Letter of Administration). This, like a Grant of Probate, is a legal document which will enable the administrators to deal with the deceased person’s assets and distribute them to the people entitled to them under law.

Our Services include:

Probate Extraction

Full Administration

Professional Executor Service

Will Storage Service

What you can expect

  • Free initial consultation
  • All administration work carried out by experienced probate specialists
  • Full support and guidance throughout the Estate Administration process
  • We take the complexity out of the probate application process, providing clear explanation and support along the journey

About Laurelo

  • Founded in 2013, Laurelo is a family owned Probate Specialist Company.
  • We have built a team of professional and experienced advisers who between them have 50 years experience in guiding executors & families through the Probate Administration Service.
  • Offering a personal face-to-face service within the comfort of the client’s own home – taking the complexity out of any situation with clear, concise explanations.
  • Providing regular updates throughout the Probate journey and available 24/7 for our clients.
  • Transparent fixed fee based on each individual case.

Laurelo v High Street Solicitors

  • High Street Solicitors – We believe the model used by traditional solicitor firms is broken – clients are charged by the hour. The fee’s soon escalate when dealing with Probate, in particular if the estate is complex – no certainty of the eventual bill – impersonal 9-5 service (transacted mainly at their business premises)
  • Laurelo – Transparent fixed fee, provided up front based on complexity of estate. Personal face-to-face service in the premises of the family’s own home – 24/7 access to their assigned consultant. No hidden fee’s.

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