So, as we all know, families sit around the dinner table and openly discuss ‘when they’re going to die’ and ‘who they want to have their savings, investments and property’ …said no-one ever! The truth is, that nobody likes talking about death, even someone like me, Ian Nicholson, the owner of Beaulieu Wills and Estate Planning and my business revolves around that very uncomfortable subject matter.

“Ultimately, just like the old saying, the only Certainties in Life

are actually Taxes, and Death!”

We all have to face it at some time, and probably more importantly, as we won’t be around to worry about it for ourselves, our families, friends and loved ones will be left to pick up the pieces, sort out the estate, and worry about just what we wanted to happen at our Funeral and beyond.

Now its all too easy, and unfortunately common, to bury our heads in the sand and imagine that it will not happen to us. And in over thirty years of selling Life Assurance I would be a very rich man if I’d been given a pound every time someone said “I don’t plan on dying just yet you know”, invariably with a chesty chuckle.

Unfortunately, it does happen, it happens to us all. And to those we love, if we haven’t prepared for the inevitable, it can cause terrible heartache, sadness, guilt and sometimes anger and resentment. It can also cause family arguments and feuds, leading to days or weeks in court, delaying the outcome and eventual distribution to the people the deceased wanted to benefit.

The ridiculous thing is that the solution is comparatively simple, and quite reasonable.  A joint Will for a family will probably cost no more than you’d pay out for a decent Television or the latest PS5 – But what you get is total peace of mind and clarity for your family and friends.

My mission with is to make sure that every person I consult with will have a clear understanding of what we’ve done and how it will benefit them – Simple really.

  • We don’t over promise or over complicate things
  • We don’t take unnecessary time sorting out the documents
  • Once you provide the information needed, you’ll have a draft Will within 48 hours
  • The reality is though that you’ll probably have it within 24 hours

So now you can go back to that dinner table and talk about everything else in your life, safe in the knowledge that if the worst does happen, those that you love will at least have one less thing to worry about.

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